Philippe Le Fèvre

Choir and choir conducting

As a musical director and as a choral director, Philippe Le Fèvre is eager to make classical music accessible to as large an audience as possible. When he performs with Le Capriccio Français or creates a symphonic orchestra for conservatory students, he has a constant goal: to help people hear and perform music.

Alongside his work as a musical director, Philippe Le Fèvre favors pedagogy and transmission: he has therefore founded a Summer Music Academy for future young artists, he is a Professor at Saint-Maur Regional Conservatory, Cergy Regional Conservatory and Paris 9e Conservatory. He is also the Choral conductor of three amateur choirs including the french Parliament choir, and he regularly delivers lectures.

The same passion has led him to join the French Choral Art Institute in 2010, as an Artistic and Pedagogical Director for several years, and now as a member of its Board. He aims at creating new repertoires, developing choral directing programs, and establishing international connections.

Philippe Le Fèvre enjoys following unusual paths : he has recently taken part in the movie “Intouchables”, together with Le Capriccio Français, he likes to combine different musical genres : a classical orchestra performing with a gipsy jazz band or with piano and bandoneon, and he regularly performs French and Russian repertoires with Russian professional choirs.

Philippe Le Fèvre cherishes the Baroque definition of the word “emotion”: that which makes you move and makes you different. His inner aspiration is to make his audience feel happy for sharing these ravishing musical moments.

Philippe Le Fèvre conducts the Academy choir and teaches the students of the choir conducting program (who have a dedicated pilot choir for their practice).